Digital Watchface for Android Wear

I worked with a small development studio, Watchful Design, to design a fun and unique watchface for Android Wear called Cookie Jar. It was featured by Google and is available on the Google Play Store.


Digital wearables allow for a wide range of self expression rather than just being tools that are purely utilitarian. Since it’s something you wear, it becomes a part of your identity. I thought about myself and my own interests and decided to design something for me: cookies! I researched the market and found there wasn't yet anything available like it.

I designed a total of 5 different cookie styles and launched the watchface on the Google Play store. Within a few months, the watchface became popular and was even featured by Google.

Designing for Android Wear

After doing research on the Android Wear platform, I realized that designing 5 types of cookies would actually require designing at least 20 different visual assets. It’s best practice on Android Wear to provide both round and square faces for each watch face. On top of that, Android Wear recommends also providing monochromatic visuals for ambient mode, a low power mode the watch is in when not in active use.

Final Visuals

I had to go through a number of iterations for the visual aesthetic and style of the cookies. I wanted them to look fun and attractive but not too realistic. I also needed to test them on actual watches to ensure that certain details of the watches stood out on the smaller screen and that the time was always readable even in direct sunlight. All the cookies also had to have a consistent styling so that they looked like a single set of cookies.

Available on the Google Play Store

Designing Cookie Jar was a really fun experience and I'm happy I experiemented with the Android Wear platform. I was very happy with the final product and was proud to have my project featured on the Google Play Store.

Once it was complete I made sure to reward myself with plenty of cookies.